My office is my little sanctuary. I do a lot of work from home while huddled behind a computer screen so having a space free of clutter is crucial. I am always looking for ways to improve it, aiming to make it a more inspiring place.

This month, I had the opportunity to introduce the HP Spectre laptop to my workspace. What first caught my attention with the PC was the minimal, sleek design. Its really thin. In fact, at 10.4mm, its the thinnest laptop in the world. But the Spectre is more than just beautiful design. It has a gorgeous HD display thats perfect for my photo editing (and catching up on Netflix), and its also extremely lightweight. Weighing only 2.45 lbs, the Spectre is the perfect travel companion on my days away from home.


Reinvent Obession with HP

Then theres the sophisticated color palette. Lately, Ive been a sucker for all things with copper, so its no surprise that I was immediately drawn to the Spectre. The ash-colored matte aluminum is complemented perfectly with the glossy copper trim and it felt right at home on my desk.

Blog post 10.5.jpg

Best of all, the beautiful, architecturally inspired details of the Spectre inspired me to freshen up my workspace. Now I just need to make another cup of coffee and get back to work! :)


In the market for an impressive, lightweight laptop? The HP Spectre is available here.


In collaboration with HP.