A Field Guide for the Disorganized Photographer / by Victoria Wright

A lot of people ask me about my workflow/routine, especially when it comes to planning for shoots, dealing with files during and after, delivering files to clients, and how to handle file storage/organization and backups.

Having a routine is important to me for so many reasons — being organized with my work helps me retain control over my life outside of work, freeing up more of my time for other things.

Over the last month I’ve taught this in partnership with FUJIFILM as a workshop at Glazer’s Camera in Seattle, and as a short presentation at both WPPI 2017 and Yeah Field Trip — for those of you who weren’t able to attend, here’s the full description:

Time is our most valuable resource. As creatives, we are constantly trying to juggle editing/screen time and being out in the field (and the million other things on our list!). You will leave this class with a foolproof plan — from photo management and painless back-ups, to streamlining social media and client interactions, getting your ducks in a row is an investment in your future self, and will make you more efficient.

Using her own experiences and stories collected from professionals around the world, Victoria will show you the benefits of creating a routine and comprehensive workflow — including tips from her experiences with the FUJIFILM X Series system — allowing you to be more present and spend less time in front of a screen.

If you were able to attend one of my sessions: Thank you! I hope you enjoyed it and learned some useful tips for your workflow. I’m always trying to improve every aspect of my routine with each new project, and sharing what I’ve learned is a great way to push myself to learn even more.

As a reference for attendees, I’ve included links below to the products and articles referenced in the talk. When I started my process, I found that these articles contained a lot of helpful information, and think you will, too.

It’s been so wonderful to get to hear people’s questions and chat in person with so many of you about getting organized — if you have questions left unanswered or have suggestions for what I might cover in future talks, please send me an email, or comment below. I’m already looking forward to teaching my workshop again in the future :)

Have a wonderful week!