Montana x Fujifilm

Spring has always been one of my favorite times of the year. The bright new buds, warmer, longer days; the harshness of winter slowly fading away. I find myself outside more than the previous months. Maybe having a March birthday has something to do with the newness of the season. Whatever the reason, I find it magical.

A few months ago, I headed out to one of my favorite places, Montana, for the first days of Spring. I have friends who get antsy visiting there — they say it's too quiet — though personally, I find so much peace there. I visited a dear friend, Andrea Dabene, and we took a week to catch up, shoot, and explore the endless roads surrounding the town of Whitefish.

While I was there, I got to know the region and the new Fujifilm X-T20, shooting stills and capturing some video. Check out a video of my time there from the Fuji Guys YouTube channel:

It's not hard to get beautiful shots in Montana — amazing scenes just unfold right in front of you. And, if you're like me, it's hard to contain your excitement about a new camera. Here are some of my favorite snaps from the trip, shot on the X-T20:

A bunch of folks asked questions about the X-T20 after seeing that I was using it during the trip, so really quickly, here are my 3 favorite things about it:

• Size. This is hands-down the most powerful camera I've owned in such a compact body.

• Quality. I still get 4K video + 24MP images and the same image sensor as the X-T2.

• Flexibility. It has interchangeable lenses so I can use the entire line of Fujifilm X-Series lenses.

What’s your favorite thing about your Fujifilm camera? Where are you taking it next?